Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hannah's "Crazy Hair"

People are always asking me how long the girls hair is when it's not braided. But because of the nature of the fro, we rarely wear our hair free around here. So here's a few shots of Hannah in all her Afro glory. Hannah calls it her "crazy" hair, I call it "Stunningly beautiful."

And for all my friends who have their own curly beauty's at home, don't worry, I got it all braided up, before it took over the house.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Tonight was Alex's first Pinewood Derby for Scouts. He and Bruce had a good time building and decorating the car together. Unfortunately, his aerodynamics were off a bit, so his car only did so-so in the races. He won about half the time, which was good enough for him. The best part for me was watching Alex, be such a great sport, as he wished every competitor "good luck", and told them he "hoped they would win", and then said "great job" afterwards. He's such a wonderful little person!

Father & Son

Alex with a goofy grin

They had expedition racing afterwards, so Bruce brought three of his cars, from when he was a Scout, for the little kids to race. Joshua was really excited that his car won 3rd place, and he got a ribbon, which he took to bed with him that night, and carried around for several days afterwards.

Josh and his ribbon

Bear getting direction from Dad.

Hannah practicing her "Car Model" pose

My kids and their cars. What a CUTE bunch!