Monday, February 23, 2009

Last minute ROADTRIP

Bruce was headed down to Laverkin (yes it's a real place) for the weekend, to play with his BFF J, and at the very last minute, the rest of us decided to tag along. We had no plans because of the last minuteness, but still managed to have alot of fun. The phrase of the weekend was "YAY VACATION", which we randomly screamed throughout the weekend of "forced family fun". It goes along with "Yay yardwork", "Yay chores", and "Yay church", which can be heard coming out of any of our mouths on a daily basis at home.

I swear no matter where we go, the kids are far more excited about sleeping in a hotel than anything else we do. Bruce and I are not as excited about sleeping in the same room with the "Others", as we like to call them,(it's a LOST thing).

Bruce, being mauled by "the Others"

This is the best and only picture of me (compliments of Hannah), from the whole weekend. Guess who takes the pictures in our family?

Friday night we had dinner with Bruce's BFF J & family, after which I left Bruce there to play video games all night in his underwear, and I took the kids back to the hotel for bed.
Saturday we decided to hit a Rec center in Washington for some swimming. If the hotel is the top of the kid's fun list, swimming is definitely #2. We had a GREAT time, and swam half the day away. I even took my fat butt down the slide a few times. It was exhilarating, but not pretty (notice there are no pictures), and somewhat painful for me and anyone having to watch me. :)

I love that Josh & Bear kept holding hands when they were floating on their backs.

After swimming we had mandatory naps for everyone, and then Bruce stayed at the hotel with J, and I took the kids to the Olive Garden in St. George, to meet up with my cousin Ed, his wife Aimee, & their son Edison. We had a fun, somewhat civilized dinner, and then decided to go miniature golfing. Josh & Bear were really funny, and hit each other more than they hit their balls. Bear wouldn't even put her ball down. She carried it through the whole course and just used her club to hit other balls and the people who belonged to them. We were golfing outside in the dark, and Josh kept yelling into the lights, "can you hear me now". Someone watches too much TV.

I love how Hannah is always posing in all her pictures. Can you say SUPERMODEL, with the looks, the body, & the attitude.

Aimee, Edison, & Ed

The next day we decided to head over to Zion's, with a few stops on the way. Our first stop was at a gas station, where Bruce entertained us all with this striking pose. Yep that's his SEXY nipple, shoved up against the window. Our poor kids, scarred for life!

We made a side trip to hit an old Ghost town called Grafton. They had a really cool old cemetary that had Indians burried in it. The graves had mounded dirt, which made them look a little too fresh, but the kids thought it was neat.

And then we drove through Zion's which was beautiful , and headed on home. The battery on my camera died shortly into Zion's, but here's a few shots.

Fun, fun, weekend, with my favorite people in the whole world. Nothing like last minute "forced family fun". Good times................

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Forever Richardson

Today, our Forever Family grew a little larger, as Joshua was sealed to us in the Bountiful Temple. We had a really wonderful day, which began with a family prayer, and singing "I Love to see the Temple" (which is Joshua's favorite primary song), in the car, on the way to the Temple.

Happy kids going to the Temple.

Sitting in the sealing room was a really emotional experience for me. Not only was I overcome with love for all of our family and friends, and the anticipation of seeing all the kids in white, but I was very overcome with love from my Heavenly Father. There have been many times in my life when I have felt very close to my heavenly home, and being there in the Temple, surrounded by my loved ones, was one of those times.

When the kids came in dressed in their whites, I was a mess. I love these four kids so much, and I am so grateful for them, and for the joy and privelege I have of being their mom. They are each so unique, with such strong spirits, and so much fun to have around. I am so grateful for all the little miracles that have transpired to bring each of them into our family. I love you guys so much! And I love, love, love, love, being your mom!


While we were knealing at the altar, Joshua was all smiles, and said some really cute things:

"Mom, you're like a Princess" (he was loving my veil)
"Mom, I really like my white tie"
"Mom, are you so, so, happy"? (he was unsure with all my blubbering)

After the sealing we all stood and looked into the mirror at our eternal family, and he said "We are all happy". And we were, all so happy, and it all felt very right, like it was supposed to be. As we greeted our family & friends, Josh kept his arms locked tightly around my neck, and he must of kissed me and told me he loved me a hundred times in that short time. He was also doling out the kisses to everyone else. Such a sweet boy!

We had a perfect day, and the only sad part was knowing that this would probably be our last time having a child sealed to us. We are feeling very blessed, and so happy with our family, and we feel like we may be done with kids for this earthly life. Our family feels perfect and complete, but I'm not going to say that we wouldn't be happy to add a few more, so we'll just have to see what the future holds. I still wake up most days, and think "Wow, we have four kids", how did that happen? We feel so blessed, and the fact that they are all absolutely "Perfect" for our family, is truly a miracle.

I feel a little sorry for people who don't "get" to go through the amazing experience that is adoption. It really gives you the opportunity to witness our Heavenly Father's love for all of his children, as he helps them to find their earthly homes. So many miracles, and blessings, and spiritual confirmations happen during the journey. And all the people involved are touched in very significant and Testimony building ways. You get several, very real, glimpses into our vast, Eternal Family, and the fact that we are all brother's and sisters, sent here to love and help each other, and that we are all loved equally by our Heavenly Father. How grateful I am for the blessings of the Temple, and for the forever family we are creating.

The boys

Right after this picture was taken, Joshua grabbed my face and said "Mom, I just love you, and you're my mom". He is so stinkin cute!

Dancing Bear


Temple doors

"We are a Happy Family"

Hannah, catching some AIR

Forever Family

Blowing kisses

We are so grateful to all of our family & friends who were with us on this special day. Thanks for being there for us and for all the love and support. We love you all!!!