Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Bear!

I can't believe that my baby is 2, and that I really have no babies anymore. However I have to say that if you're going to end on any kid, Bear is the one to do it on. She is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY, LOVEABLE, and a complete JOY! She is a very bright light in our family, and her smile is the best ever!

Beautiful Bear

Birthday ice cream, Mmmmmmm!

Bear loves dogs, and Ruger is her favorite. One of her very first words was puppy, and she sleeps with a stuffed puppy every night.

My loves, my life.........

Bear is most definately a DADDY's GIRL!

A smile to die for, and just look at those eyes!


I just love you! I had to start with that, because it's true, you are just soooo loveable! Everyone loves you! From the minute you were placed in my arms I knew that we would be good friends. You have been the easiest baby, and even though you are getting your girly drama going on at 2, you're still so easy going, and I love that about you. I think that of all the kids, you are the most like your father. You are laid back, funny, always hungry, a bit chubby, calm, very likeable, peaceful, and just perfect!

Your siblings are all crazy about you, and to them you can do no wrong. It is so funny to watch as they all fight amongst themselves, and don't like each other to touch them or their stuff. But all three of them think you are just so cute, even when you are in trouble, and ruining something of theirs. They let you get away with murder. We are all very smitten with you.

We spent your birthday at Grandma Babycakes house eating Hoo-Hash for breakfast, and then took you and your siblings for ice cream and to the park, so you could run around and roll down the big hills.

Your favorite things at 2:

Foods: Yogurt, oranges, cheese, smoothies, fries, mac & cheese, pears, cereal, and bread
Toys: Barbies, balls, Little People, coloring books
Animal: Dogs, dogs, and more dogs. (but you love all animals, more so than any of your siblings)
Places: Nursery, playgroup, zoo, children's museum, Walmart, Grandma's
Phrases: "A drink a water", "Where daddy go", "mama go bye bye", "Yeesh", "La you too", "my puppy, my puppy", "my paper, my paper", "tank you mommy".
Songs: "Honey Honey" (from Mama Mia), I am a child of God, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC song

Bear, You are my SUNSHINE! I love to see your sweet smile in the morning as you climb in my blanket. I am so happy that you are my baby, and that I get to be your mother. I love your spunky personality, and your sense of humor. You are so sweet, and I am loving watching as you learn and grow into such a fun little person. I love you tons! Happy birthday my Baby Bear!

Oh and by the way, we call you Bear, because from the time you were just a tiny baby you would moan like a Bear the whole time you ate. You were so noisy, and if you really liked what you were eating the moaning got really loud. It was very amusing for the rest of us.