Friday, September 26, 2008

Hannah Banana from Savannah has GOT some talent!

And it's a good thing she does have some, because the rest of us are greatly lacking in both talent and coordination. When other three year olds were still needing a push from their moms on the swing, Hannah was swinging as high as you can go on the park swings, all by herself.

Hannah taught herself how to do cartwheels when she was barely three, and now she is constantly doing them all across the backyard

This video is of her singing her favorite primary songs "I love to see the Temple", and "I am a child of God". Hannah loves primary songs and listens to them and sings them everyday. She even gets up and sings solo's during sharing time at church.

And just yesterday she decided that she could ride a bike without training wheels. She has been begging me to take off her training wheels all summer, but since Alex was 6 before he could ride without training wheels (due more to lack of interest, than lack of ability) I thought it was too soon. Plus I didn't want to have to run my fluffy butt up and down the street holding her bike up. But due to her incessant whining, I gave in and took off the training wheels. She jumped on her bike, I gave her a push, and she proceeded to amaze me by riding all the way down to the end of our street without crashing the very first time. It was classic Hannah, to be doing stuff that we never expected her to do, and to do it perfectly the very first time. Bruce and I are in awe of her abilities, and we are in a constant state of worry, because of the same thing. But she is amazing, and we are so blessed to have her in our family. Lucky us to have a beautiful & talented daughter! Good thing she didn't get any of our genes! :)

New Stuff

My Giant Pumpkins are measuring in at

360 lbs.

And 215 lbs.

The three younger kids all got to ride on a pony for the first time, at This is the Place state park




Joshua has been potty trained for 2 months now. He was amazingly easy and only took 2 days. Gotta love that! So far I am 3 for 3 at getting them trained at 2 1/2 and in under a week.

Bear has discovered that you don't need to use utensils when eating clam chowder. And that she loves green tomatoes straight out of the garden.

Grandpa Sam & Grandma Clara came by to play on the new swingset

And I'm a Homeschooler. I know, I know, How in the He** did that happen? Well it's only pre-school and I'm doing a co-op, so I only have to have the little monsters at my house every 3rd week. My class consists of Hannah, Joshua, Emma, Allie, & of course the Bear. They are all very cute and it has been really fun for the kids so far.

Hannah & Joshua off to pre-school. How cute are they???

Snack time in the backyard

Off for a nature walk

Feeding the Ducks on the letter "D" day

A huge caterpillar we found in the backyard. You should of heard Hannah scream. It was over eight inches long and as round as a quarter. I would love to know what in the heck it's going to turn into. A seagull maybe??????

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Joshua is staying forever

Today we went to court for the termination hearing on Joshua's parents. The Judge was there, all the attorney's (5 of them) were there, all the Foster families were there, but all the parents were missing in action. Mom chose not to show up and relinquish as she stated she would last week, so instead the court held a short trial, went through all the evidence, (and there was plenty), and terminated her rights to all three children.

They also terminated on Spencer's father, and will terminate on Chrissy's tomorrow, as he is in jail and needs to be transported to court. Paternity was never established on Joshua, even though we all know who dad is, so they just said he is a done deal.

It was so weird to be sitting there in court for a TPR hearing and have no parents show up. I was so sad and dissapointed. All the foster moms were crying, tears of joy and tears of sadness. We were overjoyed that we get to keep these beautiful children, and sad for the things that have been done to them, and for the loss of their birthparents.

As the Judge was saying that final sentence "This court finds that it is in the best interest of the children to remain and be adopted by their foster families" I was suddenly hit with the whole eternal nature of this day, and how many things have been forever changed. I was sobbing as I realized that these parents have lost not only their children, but also their grandchildren, and so on, forever.

This adoption has been by far our most emotional and most difficult. There have been alot of emotions, and ups and downs as we have navigated the foster care system, dealt with social workers, homestudies, supervised visits, court dates, and birthparents, all while trying to bond with a two year old. But all you have to do is look into those big blue eyes to know that it was all worth it.

Welcome to the family Joshua! We are crazy in love with you, and we are so happy that you are staying forever.

Good Grief he is adorable!

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ICE CREAM!

This is how my cousin and his wife were able to survive all four of my kids being left with them while on our vacation. They loaded the kids with ice cream, and let them get messy. Thanks for the fun pictures Ed & Amie.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend away

This is who I was getting away from

And no they don't usually all bathe together. I was in a hurry, and they were all just so cute!

This is where I got away to.........the Bear River

This is who I went with.........Chandra, Diana, Lisa, & Jodie

This is me and my friend Diana whose cabin we stayed in.

We stayed up talking all night, ate lots of food, practiced our cornrows, ate lots of food, talked about adoption, ate lots of food, walked in the woods, ate lots of food, watched a movie, ate lots of food, slept in, ate lots of food, read books, and ate lots of food. Do you sense a theme here?????

Thanks girls for a fun time, you guys are AWESOME!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Alex's Baptism

Inspite of his having two broken arms, Alex was able to be baptized on Saturday. His baptism was wonderful. Bruce did a great job at both dunking him, and confirming him. We were surrounded by family and friends, and had a fabulous party afterwards. Thanks everyone for coming, and for all the fun presents for Alex. I didn't know you got such fun stuff just for being baptized.

Alex and Bruce (please note the two broken arms)

Alex with mom

Alex, your dad and I are so proud of you for making the choice to be baptized and become a member of the church. You are such a good example to those around you, and I know that your Heavenly Father is also very proud of you and the fine young man you are becoming. Always stay as sweet as you are today, and you'll always be happy and surrounded by those who love you. Remember that the Gospel is the plan of happiness and if you stay close to the Lord and live the principles of the Gospel, your life will be blessed, and you will be a blessing to those around you. Congratulations on your baptism, buddy, We love you so!!!!!

The family

Kiri (Alex's birthmom) chatting with Grandpa Sam

Grandpa Gines, Grandpa babycakes, uncle Shawn

Bear, looking fine

Lauri & Maribelle with my giant pumpkin

Now that's alot of braids in one place

The Horne's and the Hall's

Marie & Alyssa

Kiri & Eva

Sam, Jeni, & Bruce

Alex & Kiri

Alex, Kristin, Kiri, Hannah, & Richie

Bruce, Kristin, Kiri, Hannah, Alex, & Richie

Alex & Richie

Me and my family (Shawn, Dad, Mom, Me, Brent, & Steve)