Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hannah Banana turns 5

Hooray, we made it to 5! A few years ago, I could constantly be heard saying, "If I can just keep her alive til she's 5, we're gonna be ok". The reason for this being of course, that Hannah is an absolutely exhausting child! Exhausting because she is busy, busy, busy, and into everything, and needs constant entertainment. However this is also a wonderful thing, because she is so smart, so talented, so creative, so artistic, so energetic, and so beautiful, that she just blows me away!

My friends are always asking me how I have so much energy to take my kids everywhere. The truth be told, I keep us all going, going, going, because of Hannah. The rest of us are just totally benefitting from her busy personality. I'm happy to report that Hannah at 5, is the most delightful and entertaining child I have ever known. Still busy, still drama, drama, drama, still into everything, but now she is able to regulate herself, and keep it coming in moderation, so I can actually keep up. We are becoming great shopping buddies, and we have long chats about her future dreams, while painting our toenails. I love it! I've always said that boys are easier than girls, but the girls are so much fun, and I am absolutely loving mine.

My sassy birthday girl

Bruce stopped by the party for a few rounds of Hullabaloo

We made ribbon flip flops, and did some fancy pedicures

Had a super fun treasure hunt, where the kids had to do something funny, like cluck like a chicken, or blow Hannah five kisses, or hop on one foot to the next clue.

We had lots of yummy party food, and decorated cupcakes

And then we all watched the birthday girl open her fun presents.

Hannah, I love you so much! Thank you for coming into my life, for breaking me out of my shell, for challenging me everyday, for bringing so many new people into my life, for showing me the fun side of life, and for just being the AMAZING you, that you are. I find myself watching you all the time, and am in constant awe that you are my daughter. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I just hope I can always keep up. :) I am so excited to see all the wonderful things you will bring to this world, and to all those you come in contact with. You have a very special, unique, and dynamic spirit, and are capable of such great things.

Happy Birthday my darling girl. I love you like the stars!


  1. Kristin! What a little beauty she is. She is amazing and funny... atleast the stories I hear!

  2. Hannah -- you are becoming quite the big girl now! I sure do like to look at pictures of you, sometimes you take our breath away. And your eyes seem very deep and thoughtful. Mom and I have always said that we thought you were an "old soul" -- you're very good at anything you try to set out to do, and I love you very much. Love Dad.