Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Princess Protection Program

Here's my first contribution to the "family" blog. Since Kristin suggested I contribute, here you go. Remember babe, "for better or worse."

Last night during FHE we played the Disney Scene It game. We didn't really play the game, we just watched random scenes on the DVD. During one of the bits, Alex proposed the name of the Disney flick was: "The Princess Protection Program."

I thought it was pretty funny and didn't want to forget it. Alex -- you're a funny fellow. We're so glad you're in our family. It's also been nice to see you stepping up lately as the big brother: playing with the young 'uns and letting them crawl on you, etc. You're the man, my little Jedi!

Love, Dad.

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  1. what a beautiful family. I love the picture for your header